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I'm doing alright. The job was too hard. I need to compete better.

I have to overdrive it into employment. 'Indeed' has a bunch of factory jobs. There aren't any jobs elsewhere that I've found. Not really. I was supposed to mass-produce predictions for my family, but I'm on a losing streak. This job was so important to me. There was a coincidental reason why I couldn't work it. I didn't have the muscle. So exercise! I will. Let this workout settle in and start a strict exercise regimen. Then you figure I need to do more life-wise, etc., etc. It isn't over yet. It's far from over.

Again. It's far from over. This fort has never been breached. This home is very important to me. You're happy in 1 house. You have to overcome the coveting. You covet a different house. But you get over that, and you're snuggly tucked in at home afterward. I learned that from my pain. It hurt to go on vacation. I was somewhere different but my pain was worse. Well, find a home and stay in it. As Christians a home is a holy thing for that reason. That's where you live...

I have to get everything done. This is scary, quite frankly. The Democrats said that America is dark and scary to their supporters. It is kind of like that. You do what you're supposed to do or else you live on the street. I agreed. It's scary for me for that reason too. What is the major malfunction? In a year or whatever, and I still haven't gotten things sorted out, I'm going to be facing certain doom. It's scary. I need to make this happen. Like smoking, I got down to half a pack a day. That meant that I needed a nicotine patch. My doctor didn't realize that. He said it wasn't physical withdrawal. It was physical withdrawal, I needed a nicotine patch. He told me enough to make sense of what he said. Well, I'm doing respectably at these jobs. The greatest challenge of quitting smoking will be going down to zero cigarettes a day. Likewise, I need to work at a job until I can afford to quit. That'll probably 3 or 4 years. I have a lot of work ahead of me. But I'm motivated. I have to resolve these teething issues with employment.

From what I've experienced, a year's time is nothing. A year is nothing. I started back in early January of this year to start to seek substantial and reliable employment. My Dad isn't able to pay my way anymore. No fault to either one of us. That's okay. If you missed it in my last post, my Dad and I argued about where time and resources should be spent. My Dad wanted me to focus on taking care of him so that we could have a good time when he retires. Well, I said that I needed to focus on IWM. IWM is just basic stuff like understanding the value of money and the benefits of employment. But I did party with my Dad. I became a very big man in life when I was depended on to take care of my Dad. It really amazed everyone. I've been working on IWM for 7-10-12 years. I've had results.

Taking care of my dad was factually very hard. I did it because I loved my Dad. I said it in another post. For 2 years I was the operator of a psychiatric hospital. There was 1 patient, my Dad. He deserves to have food and stuff. So I had to take care of him.

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