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I'm about to go over a few things.

Guiding principles behind my life. I am active. I stand a chance at recovering from this. I just said on Facebook that there have been 50 people that have been hired in the last 3 weeks and I'm the only one that's made it, I believe. You figure it's some staggering statistic like that. 1 in 17 or something. Hell, maybe 1 in 25.

I have to go back and do my job. I have a cheat sheet from it. It isn't too complex. I'm your average everyday hire that does good. You have to be 1 in 100 to be a good hire. The chances are those people weren't ready for it. It's really hard work. I was somewhat ready for it. The stuff I'm learning is more economical than job experience. I am gaining an experience out of it. I was too sore to go. It didn't make any sense not to. I got up and I thought, geez, maybe I couldn't even work today if I wanted to. Well, that's what was happening. I was worn out. So I decided to call in.

This is difficult. If you don't work, you don't eat. I keep telling myself that. I may absolutely hate that rule. Right now, I'm a bum. I haven't ever worked to support myself. It takes some getting used to.

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