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I'm about to get this going.

I have to create a machine to invest with. I can make more than a few of them. I'll make 2 or 3 of them and sell them. Get the volume up, preserve my charts, and make people money. It'll be something you do as a successful person. You have to have a lot of control. It probably isn't able to be possible for most people. You really have to study.

I know they took my analytical charts away. I still have one method that I can use. Of course, that's insane, but of course. I planned on doing some proliferating of IWM. I'll be the first and the best. That's usually how it works out. Einstein came up with commonsensible science. Well, he was the first and the best. We started to listen to Einstein because he was so smart. Most of our science is based on the research of Einstein. Nobody does that frequently. There was Edison, Ford, and the Rothschilds. I don't like the Rothchilds, but yes, the Rothchilds don't have to be perfect. GM was a good man. I know how people slide away from God. I hope the best for them. But no, I am not a fan.

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