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I know I didn't predict any difficulties

So yeah, I'm having all of these new problems now. I need to do my job. Might need some experience. I've made a thousand bucks so far. That's not bad. Keeps money in the bank. I may not be a ROI but I did something worthwhile. Everyone I trained with doesn't work there anymore. So they were a complete waste of time. I've actually earned my keep a bit.

But yeah, I need money. I need to get over these problems faster. I didn't predict any problems, but I knew if things had to be difficult, there would be problems. What happened is that God's been playing a little game. If I blasphemy him, he'll give me what I want. Well, I decided not to blasphemy him, and I had a terrible day at work.

I kind of realize I'm not just anybody. I'm Philip Taylor. Philip Taylor=Moses. God isn't treating me fairly.

But I'm about to figure a few things out. Probably the will of God. God said you can sin and have it your way or you can do what I, God, say. God wants me to document the theory behind this successful job career. But yeah, if I wasn't doing my work, I'd be somewhat stupid. It's other shit. In fact, it's psychological. Psychology isn't psychiatry. Psychology is something like getting enough sleep each night. But yes, psychology and psychiatry are brothers. In psychiatry, the loss of good sleep is a primary problem.

I threw a fit and didn't go to work. Bossman said he'd cover for us once, so I have a second chance. But attendance is a problem for me. He'll probably fire me the next time I miss a day. I have to solve the attendance issue ASAP.

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