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I just wrote some good stuff

I'm writing about employment. I can't give the absolute best advice. I can share my experience, though. I got a job, and I'm thinking, "Okay. No bullshit." This is how I make money for a while. This is an advanced area of Infinite Wealth Ministries. Employment. I mean, I don't have any money because of a 3-year break and stuff, but a lot has been happening. This is lightning speed. Good. This world is really sick. The money will create peace, quite frankly. That it will. Why I'm doing it even though it's being messed up. It means everything...I'm god or something with 500 quadrillion dollars.

I know to religious people, saying "I'm god" is blasphemy. This is kind of what I'm learning. I'm the most powerful man in history. I have the power to do anything, but I'm not going to. I know there are a lot of shithead things that I could try to be promoting, but I'm not. If you saw things with the clarity that they've been revealed to me by God, you'd see how tremendously successful I.W.M. could be. I mean, right now, we have problems with Chinese and Russian aggression. I think Russia and China want the money more than the politics. Ukraine is Putin's politics, and Taiwan is Xi Xi Ping's politics. They're doing it for a piss poor reason. Russia would never have gone into Ukraine if they got money from United Nations. I'm thinking I'm going to use the United Nations. I'm going to ask them to create a Central Bank for the World. It'll be in America, most likely. The Pope is the World's Treasury but the United States is the Central Bank. I know I heard Nancy Pelosi condemned the shooting in California. I think the 2nd Amendment is worth it. The Taliban defeated us. They didn't have planes or nuclear bombs. If America is fighting a tyrannical government, the only chance of success is the 2nd Amendment. It might be worth these sacrifices. Russians can't rise up. Chinese can't rise up. Shit, the Cubans can't rise up. They took away the right to bear arms, and there's the government, and then there's the monarch that calls itself communism. That's what's able to fight. Nobody else is able to fight. But yeah, I have more power than anyone else has ever had once I make the money.

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