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I just spent a solid hour being unserved.

I don't have my charts anymore. Hold on, there's a website that will sell them to me. People are starting to get good at Day Trading. They should be able to go well past the tens of trillions easily. I'm trying for 500 quadrillion. That's 500 thousand trillion. "Five hundred thousand trillion" is '500 quadrillion.' But yeah, five hundred thousand trillion, man! That's what I dream about. Get my Dad a disability check after his first stroke. What I dream about...

I'm about to check this website out. Okay. I had to pay for my charts. Cost me 15 bucks a month starting next month. I can continue on with my life now. I think my Dad got screwed in a way he counted money. It used to be 35 bucks a month was the difference between lower and middle class. My Dad screwed up his money, there, definitely. I just paid for access to a site (starting next month), and now my path is unimpeded. I can continue on with my life.

It's valuable. If I can't get access to charts, I can't do my business. One thing funny is that analytical data is dying out. That's what I use. I count how many times they go up and down and then make a shot call based by its probability. Something like that. I need the charts. I could use Data Tables, but Charts should be available. How in the hell else could this work?

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