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I have to start on the Stock Market soon

I promised my family some results on the Stock Market in no longer than a few months. A few as in three. I'm glad, it gives me more of a purpose. I have to do it for myself, but the interest is supportive. What other word means to be encouraged or helped than 'supported?' Encouraged is one, I guess. But if you're helped, it is support. Get going on that. Take out the equation of having to find the spans of time I want to find. I mean, I've almost perfected the 5-day formula. It repeats itself every five days. Well, I still have to perfect it. It seems very common sense. If you have a quarter and flip it 10x, heads and tails will land twice in a row together. It's 50/50, 30/100, 75/100. You want the 75/100 After three times landing on the same side, the chances are exponential that it'll be the other side. I can have these clues, and then I can reconstruct any entire span of time.

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