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I have to go in 40 minutes

Let me do a run down. In fact, I was supposed to do a writing about full-time employment. The plant wants us there for 40-60 hours. That's a part of having the job. I don't think I could find better. Probably find more of the same thing. I'm worth about 20 bucks an hour. That doesn't have to mean something bad. It's your fate, though, yes. Some people make 500 dollars an hour. They have an education, reputation, and job history. If I were to continue in the World of employment, I'd have to get an education. But yeah, they're saying I get 35gs a year on standard hours. That's a lot of money. That means that you can afford basically anything you want. My Dad made about 50gs a year and we never wanted anything.

Good money. I know I called to see how my Dad was doing. The nurse seemed nervous. Probably wanted to keep her job. I wouldn't doubt if she had 25 dollars an hour. That's a lot of money. So yeah, once you're middle class, the money is good. You don't need a billion dollars. You live the way most people live. It isn't that bad. I'll be living the way most people live myself. I'll be more wealthy, though, yes. I am going to spend a pretty penny on having nice things. Like a 3-story 4k sq ft house. That's something rich people live in. I need to have amenities. I have to do a very hard job. It's all about doing it instinctually. For example, I'm getting out of the race discussion. I have an appropriate rhetoric. It isn't appropriate. If you talk about race, it's because you're racist. I mean, I have an appropriate rhetoric on race and it isn't appropriate. It isn't appropriate to bring up slavery around African Americans. If they ask you, then you say it in an appropriate way. But race is not appropriate.

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