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I have this in good order.

I won't fail again in the same way. I'm going to look for a white-collar job. I guess mainly what I should do is get my GED. They only want to know that you have basic skills. I was smart enough to make into high school and that's all they really care about. Figure a elementary student could pass the GED. I'm going to have to get one. But that sends things into disarray. Something I don't have in order. I can't get hired at a white-collar job. They probably demand an education.

Will I survive this? Yes and no. I know the final act of failure is packing my bags and going to an apartment. So I'll survive this predicament. But I won't survive past the next one. Once that apartment is gone I am homeless. How do I pay for car insurance? I won't be able to drive anymore...

Honestly, my arms would move no longer. I was not physically strong enough for the job.

I have to start getting shit done. You figure I worked for 8 days and made a thousand dollars. Well, it was worth my time being there. I go somewhere and I collect a paycheck as long as I work there. Minimum wage may pay the bills. Allows me to avoid the next phase of failure.

The house is the fort. I've been fighting God's war in this house since I moved in. This fort has withstood relentless enemy attacks for 16 years...That was my Dad's success. I told my Dad, hey, look. You make 11.75 an hour and you don't buy shit for me. When I cook dinner I expect you not to bitch. I loved my Dad, though. I took care of him while he was dying.😢 It was really difficult. You have no idea what I had to do. I was a psychiatric facility, basically. I put up with it because I wanted good things for my Dad.

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