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I have things I have to do

Yeah, I've done this hardcore. There was a war going on around it. I had to come up with the philosophy behind this movement. It is a movement. I'm going to flood the planet with money. A lot of money. It's been hardcore for the last 15 years. I've become somewhat of a badass. I just kept surviving. We're on another challenge again. One of them is that I need a job. I'm about to crack down on that. I'm giving myself a 10-day rest off from applications to make sure my job searching doesn't get clogged up. What I am going to do is expand the search. I've registered with LinkedIn. I'll be investigating this stuff the entire 10-day break.

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Planning on paying my bills by stock profit. Never done that before. I was dealing with various tragedies all at once. My Dad terrorized me & that's one reason I've never done it. I didn't feel well,

Smoking a cigar thinking

I have to complete my calculations. I'm not going to let it be difficult. Really peaceful. I'm about to achieve what I've worked on for 16 years. I've done it flawlessly. I get to rest now.

Looking for something to talk about.

I know if I complete my website, I'd benefit very much. I like to talk, too. I've recently lost the happiness of talking rhetorically. I've gained rest for my soul. I will never struggle again. I don'


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