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I have my internet back. It's time to begin the last trial run.

After this trial run, there'll be no question as to what's going on. I might be able to do it just by looking at it. I'm good at this. Turn it into a trillion-dollar empire? That's the purpose of it. I don't know if God wills it. God has communicated to me that he does will it. But he isn't giving me the comfort of knowing that it'll happen. Things are too chaotic. I've wrestled with God for 10-20 years over this type of stuff. God doesn't permit me to accomplish it. I have to take a comprehensive approach. Well, that comprehensive approach is what I just achieved.

I have to do a third and final trial run. Okay, so I said when I was 21 if I truly did figure something out I'd write it down on paper and verify it. I did 10 predictions in a row successfully 3 times. Well, that's the shit! How'd I do that? I just did it for 2 months or whatever, just playing around, and then I confirm that experience by 28 correct predictions? Wow. I need to take this seriously.

I've gone about it in the scientific and mathematical way. A comprehensive success! This is the last trial run. I won't need to do another trial run for 7 years. I'll most likely be picking the bone of my profits. I'm going to make money these next ten years. I need everyday basics and amenities. I'm not intending on violating God's law. Legalism doesn't need to be adhered to. Satan forcefully marked me with the mark of the beast. That can't happen? Yes, it can. The Bible clearly says that it's willing. There will be angels in the sky trying to get people to repent. A lot of people with the mark of the beast are going to listen and be saved!

That's why I listen to the Resident Evil theme. Satan forcefully marked me with the mark of the beast and I stopped crying (for the last 10 years), and turned on the Theme song to Resident Evil. It meant that I had become one of the damned.

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