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I have answers to these questions

I mentioned being godlike. I am godlike in a few distinguished ways. No, I'm not claiming to be God or anything. The money will make us unite! I mentioned an "Official Code of Conduct." We can do that. It's inseparably tied to the liberal democracy of the United States. Liberal democracies are probably what we'll have. There will be hundreds of millions of people in each century that believe in false gods. They have the right to worship. Things are going to be taken over by the Church. The Church was designed by God to be in control. The Church will be in control when I'm a star. Yes! I am a Christian. I'm influencing the World into Christianity. I'm experiencing it. It's still a very peaceful experience if we knew now what actually happens after death, and it was just death. This isn't bad to be brainwashing people with. If this isn't real, our prehistoric ancestors evolved religiously. Religion is a part of our biology. This is a very peaceful experience, and I intend to spread it. But yeah, I have the blueprints for how to make us unite. The average person would do anything for me besides sex. I'm Philip Taylor. I'm a Saint. Well, I don't ask people to have sex with me. That's inappropriate. People will do anything for me besides sex. Yes, they would kill. Sex under the right circumstances, though, too, I guess. I don't do anything wrong, though. And I won't. My point is that I got a million dollars for you, what are you going to do for it?

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