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I had a revelation.

I remember how I was doing the profits now. The profits were what I was looking for. I've had a bunch of these revelations on how to formulate the stock market based on my supposed genius. For example, the sequences. The sequences were revolutionary. When I figured out the sequences and documented them, I realized I had automated the Stock Market. I used the patterns, and I used the sequences for my first demonstration in 7 years. It went pretty successfully.

So today was a good day. Today's a day of rest.

I was just thinking, you go to Hell, and you lose your human identity. You become a ghoul. I don't know if you remember who you are or not. I don't think that you do. So that's what becomes of some of our family members. They become ghouls in Hell.

That's freaky. My Dad was a hard guy to get along with. He's one of the people you'd think would go to Hell. I don't like seeing my Dad and then imagining some ghoul in Hell.

But we believe in Hell. Just fathom that it's true. Stuff I do a lot of thinking on. I believe Jesus is real.

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