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I got this so far. Employment isn't a problem.

So far. You can get fired over nothing, literally. I'm going to work in 3 1/2 hours and I will perform my duties. Can't have problems doing this stuff, you have to be able to do it.

This is going to be a spiritual journey. I have to work for quite some time, and I have the means with this job. I have to be to work. What's the difference between menial labor and professional behavior? So far, I'd say menial labor is easier and that professional labor is harder. But you don't want to work for nothing. I am motivated by my pay. I'll be able to retain my lifestyle. I mean, if I had to do menial labor, I couldn't even afford my car. What's the point of working? I am motivated by pay.

I'm punching in 6:25 am and working until 3 pm. I got this. They're going to like me working there. I think my Boss hired a bunch of high-functioning misfits. Well, you don't get many of these jobs even if you have an education. A job is a job in the end. That saying goes along with menial labor. I could afford to live poorly until I find a new job. That's opportunity.

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