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I got this playbook I'm cooking up. 'I.W.M. Playbook.'

I was just reviewing my playbook. That's what I'm going to start calling it. I think Coaches are cool. I was just reviewing it and making some notes. I came up with the realization that I had indicated by what I wrote that there were chances of chances. Well, Volume is only being created at certain times. You can depend on the Volume like a mother. I mean, if it's gone up 7% in 2 days, then a 20% loss is in the Volume, and there are other mitigating factors that you can identify, then you have multiple times higher likelihood to make the right call. The Volume is 20% greater by the third day in losses. Well, unless it's going to speed bump, it's going to go down. Going up or down for 3 days indicates a bull or a crash. Well, what's the EPS and 52 h/l? Is the economy bullish or bearish? You want it to be bearish when you day trade. There are a lot of things that you can take into consideration when the Volume is starting to accumulate. There are so many, in fact. How about steadiness and stagflation? Half the time, a stock is steady. So, okay, are these similar factors that took place? You want it to be steady, and when there was a change that could be identified, it could also be compared to then and now. I mean, okay, we've forecasted steadiness, what things are manifesting about this plateau? Any data can be compared to previous data in a concrete way.

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