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I got 2 and a half more hours

This isn't so bad. I had an extremely good day today. I got good at removing the stickers and was a complete addition to the team and factory. I got home at 11:50 pm, and I got 2 1/2 more hours to go. I'm okay with it. I had to hunt. In psychiatry, they explain work and other responsibilities as "hunting" because of evolution. We've been on the hunt for millions of years. It's a part of our nature.

But no, yeah, complete addition to the team. Got 4 hands there now. I'm just going to get better too, and then they'll also want me to do harder things. I am hesitant. I've done this sort of thing with my Dad's help my whole life. My Dad isn't helping me, and work is not the place to be making mistakes. So I had a really good day. I know God was a strength. God is very rich with me, but he keeps on doing things I don't like. I want my Dad back, for example. We were having a blast. It's evil that it's happening. Why I was a professing Protestant at one time. Evil seems like it comes from the Devil. Have one of those holy doctrines betray you, and you'll never come back to life. That's what happened to me. Luckily I was Catholic, and I was able to use the Sacrament of the Church to come back alive in my Faith.

I mean, understand. God is doing a lot of evil things to me. St. Mary is tired of it too. St. Mary is the blessed lady. The Holy Mother. The Mother of Good Counsel. Etc. A lot of names for Mary. Apparently, as a Catholic, they say to hold St. Mary hyper-close. You're saved by the love of Jesus "and the love of Mary." I've been talking to a spirit that claims to be St. Mary. I think it's St. Mary. That spirit is hyper-powerful and hyper-holy.

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