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I failed and then I greatly succeeded.

God is redeeming himself quite abundantly. He manifested sin. It's like he pulled a joke on me, but he's being serious. He manifested sin and then confounded it. The sin didn't need to take place. I can put my faith in God. God isn't all that bad. I realize, he's a lot better than me. It really means something good if you can love God. I love God, but I'm being devoured by Satan right now, apparently.

Yeah, I've concluded defeat. I did declare defeat in my last relapse. When I came back to I had to figure out what I wanted to do. So I smuggled my Dad back home by Uber. He was out in Auburn Hills. The taxi almost didn't make the trip. That spared a lot of pain and suffering on both my Dad and I. I didn't use to know it, but I've needed him up until now. Hopefully I can make it on my own. But that's what I mean. God is going to reward my faith at this point. I've really crossed worlds to be so prostrate to God. Practice more Faith. "I am the king of all Israel!"

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