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I did just finish one of my writings for the most part.

The initial stock market formula. I'm going to have to improve on it. Well, actually, no...okay. It's initial but it is final. This has taken me 12 years to do. Something that has taken 12 years. I've been thinking about this for the longest time. How am I being so accurate? I know what I'm doing now. Or I'm close. This is really genius, I wouldn't doubt I achieve IWM. There's a story about that. I was at my Grandmother's funeral and people were asking me all of these questions about life and stuff, and I realized that I truly was smart. It got me a little excited, which I feel bad about, but I didn't know! People said I was smart, but I was predicting futures like I was magic or something. That really told me to expect better out of myself. Nobody, including myself, knows how I got so smart. I'm a mysterious intelligence. I don't register a lot, but talk to me about the right thing and I know all about it. Well, shit, I just figured out the Stock Market. Albert Einstein couldn't do that.

Sorry Nana, but you were right. I am exceptionally intelligent!

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