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I am feeling peculiar.

I do this all the time. I guess what the deal is, is that I'm sick and I've had other careers to follow. I studied chronic pain for 7 years before I was cured by a long-lasting treatment.

So what I mean is that I lived one life dealing with my pain, another my mental illness, and so on and so forth. But you see, I waited until I was 25 and then started a life. I exercised, studied, and prepared for a working career. That was another life. I had to deal with my health first in reality. Do both? I kind of did. I worked on IWM. Well, we went straight into IWM because of what I figured. My logic was that it was absurd. I should be able to make something with IWM happen right now. It doesn't work that way. The concept is very simple, though. If you can adequately predict its outcome, you can make more money than anyone has ever had. It works simply, and rationally, but upon application, you have to have a skilled finesse.

Otherwise, I'm moody as hell. Emotions are teaching us. Emotions are what tell us that broken glass is dangerous. It's our emotions that spare what we tell others. We are a computer. You keep entering shit into the command prompt and we'll have a problem. But yeah, I'm learning a million things a day. I think about 500 things a day. That is, that are created. So all of this weird stuff is happening, and I might switch my medications. We've been on Orange Alert for the last year. With Kalthuzad and the war in Ukraine, along with the instance of being unintelligent happening recently, I may put us on Red Alert soon here. It's been 3 years that I've been on this medication. That is a lifespan. A short lifespan.

So yeah, this is the type of shit I deal with. I don't know what's going on anymore. It's a bit of an emergence from darkness. I just slaved over being a respectable leader. I have to make a lot of this stuff happen in more direct and express ways. It starts with getting a job. I'm in a stalemate at that right now. I have Recruiters, interviewers, etc. Nothing has come through yet. I'm thinking I'll just take the first good or decent job possible. I may wash dishes at Applebees. I like that. It's easy. I'll get 13-14 dollars an hour. Well, that pays pretty good. But I guess what I learned from what I was just talking about works. That isn't horrible pay. That's a good starting job. Easy and a lot of bullshit.

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