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I am feeling a little off still

I achieved happiness through marijuana. Right now, I'm bored, and I don't feel as good as I'd like. I'm feeling pretty good, though, I guess I just need to remember the routine. I smoke some marijuana and type and smoke all day. I'm sober, I lay around all day. Also engage in more activities. I need to read, write, work, etc. I know I've been thinking about reading at the end of the day. You can finish a chapter in about an hour if you sit there and read it. You figure a chapter a day really adds up over time. But yeah, engage in more activities and achieve happiness through them.

I know it's crazy how people are living. There is a very sure path that few people take. That's why I am the way I am. Nobody has come up with any self-help books, really. It's a dead industry. I guess people do what they want, and it makes them happy. A lot of sex. People have a ton of sex. It's one of the guidelines and rules of my book. We're allowing people to be promiscuous, and they're seizing the opportunity. That's against God's law, so it's against God. It's a sin and irreligious. But yeah, people do what they want, and it makes them happy. It isn't necessarily good. It isn't the path to happiness, either. People are going to have a rude awakening. In fact, I bet you every last person that didn't do what they were supposed to do is going to have it catch up with them. My Dad has dementia, I take care of him still more or less. All alone with no money or allies, and you're too old to have your family help you. Needed kids. Needed morals. Needed things you didn't invest in. As I said, watch everyone single one of us Americans get a rude awakening. I've already had one, but it doesn't mean it can't happen again. It probably will happen to me, I'm completely and entirely ruling out kids. I'll have to fight my own battle with age. Granted, I'll have the entire world as an ally. Nobody hates Taylor. Well, good, I've been through enough already. It'll still be hard. I'll have people that are acting in awe and unconcern. They want to help me, but for me to be helped, I'd need a son or daughter. I'm not doing kids anymore, I feel too good alone. Of course, that's changing. I've been having some serious problems these last few days. I haven't felt good.

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