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Hey! Found a job.

About to write out what this requires. I know I was just thinking about how work starts to eat you up. Other people who are also normal go through very long and hard times over this. Always having to work. Well, I know that's one secret. I also have to really want to work. I don't have any other source of income besides a job. I.W.M. is still being tweaked. I think I'll be able to make money by around July of this year.

This is becoming pretty normal. I'm a success. Why is this even still going on? My God, he believes he's an Infinite Wealth Minister. I'm just being vicious. An Infinite Wealth Minister is a pretty cool guy. But yeah, maybe he needs some help. I'm staying alive. There have been no complaints about disasters. A few of them. Being utterly homeless or something like that. I've never been completely homeless. You have to do what others tell you, of course. They may not want you around, it's very difficult. I mean, I guess in ways, it's already happened. There is no utter loss of Infinite Wealth Ministry, though. I'm keeping that alive and well.

Now I have a job, and I'm closer to being a free adult. Money is freedom. That's why we want Capitalism. If you have the money, you can have whatever you want. You really have to work for it.

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