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Here's how it went.

I started with the most basic aspect. How much is knowing every day's outcome worth? Do that. That was the initial impression. Things didn't work out, and I dwelled over systematization. Well, I went from tactics to strategy, and then I systematized it. Once I systematized, I started with math and science. Then I went from math and science to automation. The systematization took 6 years of activity. Being able to prove this is what it's all about. I can do that. I could take this quantification, sell it, and create a culture on the stock market. Actually, that sounds exactly like what I want. More people trading. We won't compete. We'll be either on the winning or losing side.

I mean, the money is created. Have a million people put in 2 trillion dollars, and it aids IWM and prospers the consumers. There are trillionaires now. How are they doing it? The Stock Market!

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