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Here's an excerpt from my rough draft.

An official code of conduct.

Abide by moral and ethical standards. The payout is the deal of Infinite Wealth. So thankful for Trump pointing out to me that these are all deals. That's what made Trump such a good policymaker. Is stuff like that. Make a deal. I can gather virtually the entire World under one roof. Well, that's a deal. People will listen to me, though. People are going to consider me holy. Hopefully, I won't die. Saints that die are probably Saints we can't confirm went to Heaven...I don't have being alive as a strong suit. Schizophrenia will kill you if you aren't treated. I lost 80 lbs in a single day. Stuff like that. We're all going to come up with an official code of conduct, and it will be known. It will be the moral and ethical laws that we live by.

I have to do this...this was a good idea. But yeah, I'm going to have to do it. It'll be difficult.

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