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Have to redo my resume.

I ran into an exhaustion issue. I didn't expect it. Well, it taught me a lot. I thought I needed to exercise to be able to train myself into achieving ends. I just failed a basic test of fitness. I have worked out a lot and worked hard. My job was too much for me. I needed to exercise for strength and stamina. I could land this same job again and fulfill my duties in the future. This was a good job. I'm shocked that I didn't have the muscle. But I've been mentioning it a lot. I saw 15 people come and go, and they are still training new people today. It's too physically exhausting for most people. I lasted 3 weeks because I am somewhat fit. Fit enough to have a livelihood? No. I'm going to have to strength and stamina train and keep on applying for these blue-collar jobs. Likewise, I should exercise and train for discipline. I've realized that before. What do I want to train for? Nothing else besides discipline. That isn't a breach of my code. I could just add a little bit of challenge to my regimen and achieve a superior discipline.

I'm going to have to do something. I'm going to camp it out. I made a thousand dollars. I have enough pocket money for a few months. Yeah, I have to recuperate from my effort. I have to start doing shit that's about a job and not about the Stock Market. I have like 6 months to figure it out before I go bankrupt. I'm going to need a job soon. Any job, really. I just tried blue-collar, middle-class labor. I was too weak. I'm not a weak man. My Uncle Gary was really strong, he was blue-collar. So was my Uncle Danny, the same deal. So was my Dad. My Dad was technically blue-collar. They consider making bets at a place of gambling to be blue-collar. I know a lot of men are strong. Usually, they exercise. There are a lot of weak men, yes. It's about half and half. But yeah, I just got another text message. Nothing bad. I think I'm fired, but you'd be crazy to fire me. I should have realized that and brought all of this to the attention of the managers a long time ago. Now I know, though.

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