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Have to get busy

This was written around 2 pm. No. I won't. It's the Sabbath. It's hard for me to observe the Sabbath. You really have to have things figured out if you want to observe the Sabbath. It's hard, God won't have you there if you aren't worthy. I survived as a Christian because of Catholic Theology. Disease is a part of life. It isn't divinely planned. It happens when someone gets sick. It does originate with the Devil, Adam, & Eve in the Garden of Eden, however. God created a world that had a capacity for evil. We just have to rest assured that we will be rewarded in Heaven. I mean, I know a lot of spiritual people. We probably do save others with our prayers. That's the one way we kind of know how to alter eternal judgment. Maybe God will hear the disbeliever's intercessors and save him. But yes, there is no known way to Heaven besides belief in Jesus and peace with God.

I was thinking about doing some work, but it's Sunday. I have to start observing the Sabbath. I'll just take today off. It's serious, you observe the Sabbath. I like to work on Sundays, though.

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