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Had a good weekend.

I need to get some stuff done and I needed to get some rest. I got both done. Now tonight I come home and put an hour into it and then go to sleep. It'll add up, all of these projects are nearly completed. But yeah, I have a work week ahead of me. Man do they work you hard. It makes sense to me, though. America is the most productive Country on Earth and we work the hardest. As I said, if you were living off the land, you'd work for 40 hours a week. Maybe more maybe less, but 40 hours is the standard because of that.

I have to work more. I'm not liking it. Not today. It's a bit of a shock to the system. But I go in late today. Help make things easy. I have two doctor's appointments. A dentist is a doctor, technically. I'll be done around 5 this evening, but I gave myself plenty of time. I needed to work on this earlier and I didn't. I think I got it down, though. This talk has encouraged me. I should work on it right now, as a matter of fact. And I will. I'm going to go screw around for an hour and then I'll work on integrating a job into my life. I mean, remember, this isn't completely foreign to me. I worked 56-hour weeks for a decade. But I did have the benefit and choosing my hours and having plenty of time off. I worked 8/7/365. How did I ever find time to rest? I worked less some days and on other days I worked more. It averages out to be about 8 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. But I had the benefit of not working if I were tired. I was always working, though, that was crazy. I stopped working all the time like that.

So a job is pretty active. I'm doing nine hours a day five days a week fifty weeks a year. I have Thanksgiving and Christmas off. The Fourth of July is probably a working day. Labor day and Memorial day probably mean I work five days a week 48 weeks a year. But yeah, a job is pretty active. The problems I'm having are problems I was hoping not to experience, but I knew that I may. Nobody wants to work. That's an SNL joke. I just saw it on TV a few weeks ago. Yeah right, like we live to work or something. That's a joke. (Why it's on SNL).

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