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Got a long ways to go

I'm working a lot. Now I actually have a job. That's full-time. I need to be able to find a place to work. I don't know if I have that yet or not. I think it's a part of the aspect. You need "substantial" and "reliable" work. That's the key. It needs to bring home the bacon and be dependable. You get that after 6 months they say. If it doesn't pay it isn't worthwhile, kind of, and if you can't keep your job, there was a bump in the road because you need to find a job that you can keep.

Other than that, I have to come up with stock results in the next 45 days. I'm going to do it. It has to be done. I have to meet the deadline or suffer the consequences. Nobody has made it out to be a problem yet. One time they did, but they apologized for that. At this point, I do need to come up with results. I mean, quite frankly, this is my family. Do your job and get some results and then put them to peace. They'll understand what I'm talking about in case I'm hedonism bot that won't work.

Really praying for good fortune.

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