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Got a little bit of time.

There's a 3-month probationary period at most jobs. I have one. 45 days is a month and a half. Really worried about how I make it. Maybe I should consult one of my managers or my boss. They want me to work there. This is the 3rd week and 9th day. I've been on time and I've done my work. Maybe they could do something for me.

I might wake up early again tomorrow. I've only been sleeping 5-6 hours, which is good and bad. You sleep for 12 hours, and it makes you feel shitty, or you sleep for 5 hours which makes you feel shitty. Sleep is insatiable. I could use all the free time I can get.

I took care of some business after I woke up and before I went to work. Took me about 2 hours. I woke up at 8 am sharp, so I had 6-7 hours in the morning. Took care of a couple of hours of business, got something to eat, and then went to work. So I'm pretty busy. I have to find a way to complete this formulation of the Stock Market I have.

Remember. Computer Automated stock market trading that's 99.9% accurate. I'm going to be so rich. I have to bag the formula, though. Tonight I'm just renewing myself. This job shit is a trip.

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