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Got a job so far

One that I can do, too. Working at a restaurant. I can see how Julianna & Robin were making out as being a waitress. Everyone in the store gets paid well. Waitresses get 4 dollars an hour or whatever, but they make tips. Julianna & Robin were making 40-50 thousand a year by serving. They were good-looking women. I don't know what Julianna makes now. She graduated from College. Personally, I'm thinking 80 thousand. But Julianna has a lot of potential. Robin's just been doing yoga instructing for the last 7 years or whatever. I don't think that's going to get her far. I don't, I don't like your job, Robin. It's Hindu, it's smelly, & and I don't even like yoga in the first place. Etc., etc. But yeah, it's a job I know I can do. People might be goofy. You always have to remember that. You need a few weeks before you can be a productive employee. Which really stinks, employers must be driven made by employees. It's not an excuse. For example, on my 3rd or 4th day, I did about 10 drums on my own. That's pretty good, I did a tote about every 45 minutes. Before I quit, I was getting skilled. You were supposed to slice the stickers off. I started doing that. It took some practice. But yeah, it would have taken me 3-4-5 weeks to really be a contribution. My boss was looking for ROI on his employees. "Return On Investment." He figured it to be an employee that works for 3 months.

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