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Got a couple of interviews.

Things are going extremely well. One instance is that my Dad gets to be in a house where they take care of him. I couldn't do much better unless I had 50-100 million dollars. Reaching 50 million to me would be a godsend. That means that I can secure I.W.M. Other than that, I like being completely alone. Took me 15 years, but I achieved it. We're born lonely, it took 15 years before I took to being alone. Of course, things could change. It'd be those powerful emotions. We don't usually get powerful emotions, but they may happen on a universal basis. I know I have to work 5 days a week. I was only working part-time at Kohls. I didn't realize. For some reason, I thought 4x8=40. It completely slipped my mind, I was only working part-time. Working 5 days a week will have some powerful emotions, I know that. But yeah, it's those "powerful emotions" like I want a spouse or work less often. I fear those. But right now, I'm good. This will go off without a hitch, and we'll see where I am by the end of the year. The first year is a challenge. Even though I'll be starting in February more or less, we'll just consider it a year come New Year.

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