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Good show.

I just completed the first final rough draft. I came up with a bit of a formula back around June of 2022, but it was very primitive. Now I have one I understand. Now I reorganize the information. Once I'm done with that, I plug the calculations in. I don't need to map the patterns to get this done. I have other means that are easier than how it looks...well, it "looks" because of what it looks like through vision. I'll probably map the patterns anyways. I know I have two days to get a final copy (there will be many "final" copies) together so that next week I can not worry about anything besides chart analysis. I have these techniques to predict the outcome of the stock market all nice and neat in a notebook I have. "Now I have to reorganize the information." So true. Get that done in the next 2 days. Try and meet the deadline. By this time next week, it'll the eleventh. I have to try and get these predictions done by this month. I did inch closer to it. Final formula copy. I have to work this weekend to make next weekend decisive enough to produce these results.

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