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Praise God! My Dad is dealing with dementia, so what? I believe God will heal him, but if he doesn't, then days like today happen. I went over to the home, got him situated in bed, and helped give him his nourishment. He was very happy, so I decided to leave, and now I feel great knowing my Dad is doing so well. I was disturbed last night because the owner/nurse left the house unaccompanied for twenty minutes. Well, that pissed my sister and me off. I felt horrible after that. To think my Dad isn't being taken care of is some horrible shit. I like being alone, but I remember all the things my Dad (as opposed to didn't) did for me, and I was in front of the house. I didn't mind going to help my Dad or visit him. That's what my Brother and Sister are experiencing. They don't ever want to live with Dad or be around him as much as me. But he's our mother fucking Dad, who the hell would let something happen to him?

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