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Going to make it happen.

Of course, I need a job. I have to make shit happen. I was able to force myself to go to work. That's a sign of improvement. Yeah, problems working. Maybe I can't work. I just went through an intense debate. I had all of this shit I had to do and I haven't come close to finishing it until now. That's what I mean, I've lived like 9 lives at this occupational shit. How in the hell am I supposed to grow wings and start flying? It's another monster that the gods have thrown at me in an attempt to overthrow me. God is being better than he ever has been, but come on man. Let's get somewhere good. I'm not expecting anything out of this. Take all the money in the world and put it in a tomb where you're buried. It isn't going with you...that's not the way it works. IWM is a blessing upon my salvation if God decides that after my death.

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