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God just blessed the heck out of me.

I feel good. You need to feel good, ultimately. There is a commonly practiced exception, but those people never understood what it was all about.

God just blessed me with food, tobacco, marijuana, and soda pop, and I was amazed. I've been trying to get this way. God says to be thankful. That was his purpose in his only begotten son, Jesus. Jesus lived and died so that we can be thankful and abundant. You have to pray to be thankful. I'm praying for my brother. I talk to him every week. It's confusing, good guy that goes to Hell? My brother doesn't have the ability to find God. Maybe in the next 30 years he can start, but then he'll be an old man. I'm 20 years in and I just finally communicated with God. I see things that others can't. My brother is a sinner in need of salvation. Will Jesus accept him? He might. It's bad odds. Don't want to be anything alive I'm aware of to be a sinner on judgment day. But there is the element of saving souls.

So yeah, I haven't experienced that before. That was a very exact stroke of detail. That's who I'm going to turn into for a while. Then I'll quit all of my substances. But yeah, sitting here smoking like this is a slice of Heaven.

I'm not permanently blessed or anything. Not yet. God revealed his will concerning my happiness. Very happy. Work is going to be difficult. I have to work for years...I didn't ever see it coming. I've gotten highly prepped for this day, and I'm still largely unprepared. You have to work forever. It's not hard or unreasonable, necessarily, but it is tedious. It defies understanding. I just worked so hard and now it starts all over again. That's what I learned at the plant. The plant was a lot like my other jobs, except for that it was difficult. You had to tear these stickers off, and it was moderately difficult. It gets difficult because you're doing hundreds of them. That was basic skill put to the test. I quit and wasn't fired. It was too hard for me. I came close. I was on my third week.

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