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Getting fatigued

I've been working on the stock market formula this weekend. Friday night until Saturday night, presently. I just jolted some stuff down, which was very efficient. It made me stress out, though. I have to take these equations and input them into the living charts. Excuse my language, Jesus, but the charts are living. I have to input the data into the living charts. I'm not far away from being able to invest. I'm going to make a little bit at a time until I have everything I need. I'm also going to remain working a job because money is so tight. For example, I need to renovate my home and pay off the mortgage. The furnace is 6 years old. It's about time to replace it. This money stuff is flying out the window. My Dad afforded it with 200 thousand dollars. That was poverty, however. I need to make a few million with ownership of assets, and then I can quit my job. That will take years. I have to secure the Estate. I've concluded my Dad's house is the best Headquarters for my 500 million-dollar empire. I have to stay cost-efficient. I can't spend money. I make 500 million dollars, and I build another Estate. Being rich isn't as carefree as you'd think. The money goes like nothing if you're going to spend it.

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