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For the first time in the longest, I woke up and worked

Working on my book. I'm isolating all of the material. Or at least I'm isolating some material. Haven't woken up and started working in over a year. I'm bored, today is not being a good day. I guess I'll drink the rest of my Redbull. I have to get moving here at 2 pm to see my Dad. Haven't seen my Dad for 7 days. I like to visit my Dad and give him outside-world stuff. Probably keeps him well. There's somebody coming to spend a half hour or hour with you, and they have stuff like pudding and McDonald's. I know what my Dad is going through, I have a mental illness myself. Just anything to feel better. My Dad is feeling pretty good, but that's because he's still alert enough to endure. So yeah, I'll be leaving my house at 2 pm, I'll fill up my car tire, get some chocolate pudding, and then visit my Dad. Off I go to have my Redbull. Holy shit. It's 11:45 am. I got two hours, and I feel like shit. Church was optional. I have been there quite a bit, and I use the other resources the Church has. I do need to make it 3/4ths of the time. That's the goal. I need to be in Church 3 times out of 4. Church is a sin to miss, but that's in the sphere of common knowledge about Church. If you're Catholic, you have to go to Church. It's the most important thing as a Catholic. As Catholics, the gates of Hell will never overcome the Church. We make it that way by being there. We're the Church's defenses.

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