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Focusing on Employment

That's what needs to happen right now. A job. If you want money, you have to earn it. It isn't just handed out. I'll be doing money handouts, but that will harm people in a way. You become successful by hard work. People that do hard work don't think it's hard because they're determined like me. I work hard. People have scoffed at the notion, but that was persecution. You become successful by doing something, it isn't just handed out. But where what I do becomes beneficial is when people get along better, have less crime, are less political, have higher Church attendance, etc. I can do that. You won't hear me say this often, but that's at the very heart and core of IWM. For a hundred years, people form social bonds and advance societally and individually. Having that done by kings for a thousand years is what we're basing our civilization on right now. Because of the family unit, our society will survive indefinitely (as far as we're concerned).

People with more money mean more family, friends, and patrons. It will work out good. People will still work hard. 10-30% fewer people work hard. But then 50-90% of people experience a greater quality of life. The money is good. We'll stop getting on people's cases and have an economical banana republic. Why do I think it's good? People need to be able to make mistakes. 1 mistake in this world could land you in jail for the rest of your life. Or dead. Etc. 1 mistake. We'll let people be adventurous kids, and nothing ever happens to adventurous kids for some reason. It'll be an Earth of overgrown kids. That's not bad. Kids are smart, they'll learn. We'll create a species full of adults. Basically, the sophistication of our society and civilization will prosper because people aren't inherently evil. We'll defend the defenseless and party. Wholesome parties, people have church tomorrow.

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