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Feeling like shit

Still sick a little. Starting tomorrow, I resume things as usual, however, it'll also be a mini vacation because I've lost my footing. I don't remember what the hell was going on before I got sick. Going to take a few days. If I had a job, I don't work again until tomorrow or Saturday. I'd probably take tomorrow off and go in on the weekend.

My footing is of the utmost essence. I need to get good at being on it. Having any footing is new. I've been struggling with basic matters since I became an adult. I'm not stupid, I'm sick. God put a block on the stock market after I had my initial discoveries, and I went to work on IWM. It's been about exactly 6 years that I've even had my feet on solid ground because of misfortunes. I accidentally cut my hand and got hospitalized for it. Took up 14 months. That's one example of the problems I've been having.

I have resumed my writing. The books were a sure bet, but I started on the Stock Market a year earlier. Gave the appearance that the composition had stopped. The composition is beyond difficult, I'm omniscient. I'm a Saint. A minor saint with a lot of power. I think people will liken me to St. Micheal and St. Joseph. Why? Because God has directly interfered in my life, God is present in all of this. I know what he's saying too. He wants the money like everyone else. Well, the money is for him. I have served him through each calamity he's created for me. He's saying, "do I.W.M.!" God oftentimes has a funny way of asking. He doesn't ask you, he commands you. It is a command, if I can do I.W.M., I need to do that. But again, 'Protection' has been rampant throughout my life. I've come back from the dead twice now, for example, documented. A documented miracle, twice. I've nearly died countless other times. God has protected me to the extent of rejecting good reason. I should be very strong with protection. Pray to St. Micheal for protection from the work of the Devil and to St. Joseph for your safety. Then you pray for my intercession for good fortune. The Patron Saint of fortune. People don't understand what I had to go through. They'll think I was rich, so it was all better. I will never be able to fully recover from the injuries of the past. That's okay. I feel good, I'm not thinking about them, but my teeth are all missing. I'm still dealing with how out of control things got, and I think I always will.

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