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Feeling good now, though.

I get to feeling good. The past is over with now. I'll spend the other half of my life overcoming what's happened to me. But I feel good. I feel really good. I'm rich. I know I feel so good that I just want to be alone. I like talking on the internet, however. Not having women around is really a feat. I don't mind as of today. I'm going to smoke my cigar & then lie down. Heaven. But of course, the horrors flash before my eyes. My own father tried to kill me. He tried setting me up. Why I was in jail. My father was a very evil man. He viciously mistreated me on a daily basis. It just goes on & on. "The Battle of Infinite Wealth." It was such a bloody massacre people died, I got shot, etc., etc. I was in America the entire time. What God did to me was unthinkable.

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Smoking a cigar thinking

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