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Families are good, but I have enough on my plate

I'm glad that Julianna and Robin turned me down. I think they're both sluts, or at least that's what they said, and I don't like sluts. This guy is celebrating about how he stuck with his social group in High School and then got married. Just some slut. How many guys has she been with? I realize people are having sex for some reason. But I don't like sluts. I wasn't racing the hallway, but I was an outsider. I've lost nothing from what's happened so far besides my Dad. Julianna and Robin are two sluts that would have ruined my life.

I mean, yeah, there was this one special education girl that was just hideous. As a woman, she failed to fulfill her duty to be attractive. Well, she raced the halls like a canon ball. For a while, she'd go down the middle of the hallway and punch and push people out of the way. Quite retarded. I never did shit like that. I was a geek, but I wasn't retarded. Yeah, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but if you're doing what that girl was doing, you need to know that it's unacceptable. It's quite retarded.

I'm going solo. This is good. I've been asking myself questions about how I survive when everything is so heartbreaking. Well, good, I'm able to be alone. That solves the problem. After Julianna and Robin rejected me, I was all alone. I was alone for 12 years. I had my Dad's company, but that didn't help much. It didn't help until about 4 years ago. My Dad and I got exceptionally close because he needed help doing his finances. I took 6 months of my time and did his finances for him. It took 6 months...Well, my Dad and I got very close in those 6 months. We were eating good, partying, and enjoying each other's company. But he had a lapse of dementia, and I had a lapse of schizophrenia, and we never talked to each other in the same way again. My Dad has given me a life. I believe it's your parent's duty to give something to you. Life ends, and you take nothing with you. My Dad is dying, and he gave his children an inheritance. Well, okay, damn good job! That's so important. We've been slaving for you for the last 5 years, we deserve 5 years' wages. We did it because we cared, and my Dad cared and left an inheritance for us. As I said, parents have to do that. That just made me. I have everything I need now, plus a high-paying job. Actually, I haven't found a job yet, but there is a nationwide labor shortage. I'm sure I'll find a good job. That and I'm 33. I'm 33 in 2 months. I'm an adult and I need better pay than what I was being offered a decade ago.

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