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It was a long day. I was doing work all day, just not officially. I am sore at this point. My eyes hurt, and I'm tired. Feeling tired doesn't feel good. This is the stress from all the activity. I didn't use to understand stress. It's something that you got to understand, though. I'm stressed at this point. Chances are I do it again tomorrow. I absolutely have to take Friday off. I need some rest. I vowed never to work as hard again. I use to work 24/7/365. That shit was killer. I only did that to get somewhere in life. Things worked out ideally, however. Everything that used to be going on has now stopped. I took care of everything upfront, and I have a life now. I finish this stuff and make some money and the only thing left is the IWM fundraising campaign. The IWM fundraising campaign starts with half of the work already being completed. I have to lay out the changes I want to make. I'm not going to live long enough to do everything I want to do, but alas, I need to in order to be a success. I haven't figured this one out yet. A new idea is to pay people to be a part of the revolution. There will be a revolution. Just a peaceful one. I conquer Earth. God said to me when I was 12 that I'd rule the World, and I will. I will rule the World with money. I am a government made out of money, and everyone uses money.

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