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Exercise? No thank you, I want to feel good.

I'm tired of exercise. I exercised for 400 solid days and got mostly what I want. I should continue, though, technically. Extremely healthy. Exercise is what achieved my fitness largely. I'm not limited by weakness. This has been an extreme sports game. It's hard to explain. Certain events in my life have demanded superhuman strength. I had superhuman patience, more so, that required abnormal strength.

So I should continue to exercise. Be as fit as possible. I've been wanting to do it for health reasons. I want to live until I'm 80. Exercise will accomplish that. There are elements of life that I'm not thinking about. I know exercise is an excellent way to train yourself through meditation. I need to do that. I've been realizing more of the uses now, though. I could train myself to be prepared for my mental illness, for example. Make my disease even less powerful. I have it under control. I'm confident in my mental health. Every time it's happened, there's been hell leading up to it. If that ever happens again, I know to change my medicine. And I will. But yeah. train yourself to have control over your mental illness so that it doesn't control you. That is the best application.

I'm defensive, too. I can't be fighting anyone. The strength will enable me to survive mistreatment by others from the abuse of mental illness.

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