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I was just thinking about the 5-day pattern. No one would understand it. For some reason, this is very tricky. I'm doing about 30 outcomes to a stock 180 times. This is easy for me. To do, not to achieve. I can do it relatively easily. I have to have the network to make things happen. That's extremely hard. You work for three years to be able to finance your car. You'd think the stock market would be good money, well, I don't know how to budget it, and I can't meet deadlines. I mean, buy a car, buy a house, and have some money. I've figured it out. I have to wait until I have some serious dough before I can have what I want. You can't afford a million dollars, it's too expensive. Some people do a mortgage, and it makes it affordable. If I did take a mortgage, then I'd need at least a few hundred grand alongside it. Most people hold down a job. You know one good thing about an education? I could work my way up in the world again. I don't plan on ever being broke again, but I could make 250 thousand somewhere, possibly. That's good money, that's how you pay for things in the real world. I plan on getting a doctorate in Math and Computers. With a doctorate, you have to have two majors, I was told. Math and Computers for me. That'll be done when I'm 50, lol. I'm a Saint. I'm about to spend my entire life having less than what I could so that it helps Jesus and it also helps others.

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