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Excellent time to start a career

I have a career. I work at a paint drum warehouse. 40-50 thousand isn't bad money. I am realistic. I know you may have heard me say that I don't have any money until I have several billions. It depends on what you want to buy. For me to live comfortably, I need about two hundred thousand dollars a year. But then, I'd need to use about a hundred million to secure my assets. Why is that? It's being rich. I do need things to operate. I'm going to need to pay someone about 10 million to create my automated-investing software. It has to be done by the best. I can't sustain a 70% loss. That was my entire starting capitol. Capitol is another reason why I need so much money. "Capitol" is investing money. I'm going to need about 20 trillion to max out investing in America.

But yeah, I'm really glad that I haven't made the money, all besides securing my safety. I have a mental illness. Schizophrenia is a disability. I can't do shit when that schizophrenia shit is going on. I'm going to need help managing my estate because of that. Besides that, I'm living the way most people live. I've made ten dollars, and I've made twelve dollars (an hour). Now I make 17 at the moment. That'll change. It'll go higher. I'm learning what life is really all about. I'm an ally of the middle class. Means lower-class people, too, technically. That's who my family is and I love my family. It's real-life shit.

One thing that's an American essential is that you don't want people who have answers unless they can answer shit by themselves. My Dad taught me that. Lenin had answers, so did Mao Dong, and so did Hitler. These are answers that we don't want. Infinite Wealth Ministries is what a politician is supposed to do. Granted, politicians are politicians. But they are technically all supposed to be doing IWM, but they never do. Well, they taught me that it's what I should do if I want to help the world.

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