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Quitting the coffee a bit. Coffee doesn't help me work. Pornography is getting pretty old. I'm around men all day. I'd need there to be women around to feel horny. Lastly, I smoke 3-4 cigarettes every workday. In 8 1/2 hours, I get 3-4 cigarettes. That's not much. I've handled my smoking habit well.

That's pretty amazing. We tweak my usage of coffee, we overcome sex, and we get closer to quitting smoking. Something I haven't mentioned is that I'm getting my teeth fixed. So that's another factor in the equation. Then, of course, you got the act of working a job.

I'd imagine this to be super difficult. I wouldn't have even tried to tame the coffee. Well, guess what? Not a choice. Get all of this done and move on to the next phase of life.

Can't sleep. Probably fall asleep around 6 am. I'll just have to wake up. I was too tense to be able to fall asleep. But I wrote stuff out. I got all of my ABCs, and now the new one is 'not quitting.' I had to kneel for 8 hours today. As I said, I'm too sore than to sleep. Too tense.

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