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Everything will be fine.

I just talked to my sister. She had done a lot of running around today. My sister is impressive. Most of the people that I meet have things going on. They're all my generation. They were taught to be that way. Of course, you encounter someone on one of the few trips you make outside, and they're out of their minds. Like people that think talking too softly is your fault. It's important that I be heard. You have to dive in deeper. It's difficult, so you don't do it. That should be against the law...kind of. I'm being a bit figurative. It's those people. They're something like 50% of the country anymore. These are all things we used to have illegal. You can't claim false things. Like me, for example. There is no feasible way to see me naked. You girls have never seen me naked. You don't know how good I'd be. 🤣 Things like that. I've had it happen plenty of times. Girls try saying something to me, I didn't even hear you. I literally have no idea what you want, and I'm out of here.

But yeah, my Sister is doing great. I'm really close to my sister. My brother and I are making up for lost time, but my Sister used to babysit me. My Sister has been around quite a bit to see me. My brother showed up after that. It's nothing too important, but my brother and sister are rivals in conversation. That's a 'Rhetoric.' It's what smart people have.

Everything will be fine, I talked to my Sister, and she was living up to expectations. I'm still trying to do that myself. I do live up to expectations, but the standard is low. That's how you explain that. It's hard to match my family members. Robin is a family member. She's got a dirty job, but she's middle-class and independent. That's like being money-oriented. You can do that. It isn't completely against the rules. It does make you a little disgusting, however. Dirty jobs are nasty. Well, she can go work experience and make 50 dollars an hour. Just throwing it in there, I do respect that Robin has fundamental needs like food and salvation. I even respect her on a personal level. I'd say Robin thinks she's cool. I am completely apathetic anymore. I've figured this one out. You want to express yourself unless you sleep in a coffin.

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