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Everything on course.

I was just talking to my brother. He reminded me. Work is completely natural, I won't have any problems. We are moody, though, apparently. I know that from another family member. My sister isn't like that too, otherwise. Most women may have a block on that sort of thing. Some men have a problem with it too. My sister isn't really moody. She gets angry a lot. She's never really expressed difficulties doing the dishes. My sister just does the dishes. Her fiance helps out, the way things should be, but Tonya handles most of the cleaning. She's never expressed strong dislike. But yeah, I've imagined that women have a block on men stuff. Men are the military. It takes a thousand women to defeat a hundred men. Women would have started wars. It's natural. Every race has done it by regular practice. But yeah, men have the instinct to be able to do war and invention, I think.

But yeah, I've been talking to my family. They get moody, but it isn't a problem. It's a problem for me. It took my brother reminding me that a farm or tent or whatever is more work than a 9-5. You get more free time and more amenities, and we consider it the common experience of life on Earth. It's pretty good. I guess it'll just take time to get over the moodiness. My brother has 8 years on me. My sister is a woman, she doesn't experience moodiness. Other family does and doesn't experience much moodiness. I've been able to conclude that life is very moody. Our emotions are influencing our actions. They say emotions aren't this powerful. I guess usually they aren't. This is like the epitome of emotions and self-control.

Those are feels. Feels are very powerful.

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