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I got pumped, and now I'm feeling good all day. That's good. You can't do my line of work without a clear mind. I am just going to be continually getting stronger.

I made this a blog that's advertised. The significance of the above is that I'm reaching a higher plane of existence here on Earth. You're a normal person, and it's mediocre every day. I got to feeling good. Good, that's super important. By feeling good, you're able to perform your duties. God once showed me that he himself likes to feel quite poorly. That's what he likes, he likes to feel a little poorly. I'd imagine why is on behalf of how pain tricks you and tells you that you aren't happy. I bet God loves to defy that. I know God intended for us to really cherish life. There are times he does act differently. Sometimes he says you need to defend yourself or your homeland. Or your beliefs...

But yeah, I'll just keep powering up for the next decade. I don't think I'll have a midlife crisis. Or that it won't bother me if I do. I'll be seeming stupid at 43 years of age with no money. I am having a lot of problems making the money part happen. It's a job, I make the predictions, type them in on the computer, and execute that transaction until I've made money. What I have to do is exit a deep state of mind and then carry out a perfect and deliberate computer transaction. It isn't that difficult, but I can't do it for the life of me. I have 99.9% accuracy at investing. I'm going to automate the Stock Market with a computer. I have to complete the transactions...I haven't done that yet. I'm about to start on completing that, though. I haven't been doing the Stock Market that often at all. In fact, I've only done it on a few dozen occasions. But if I make 500 predictions that would have made money with nearly complete accuracy, that tells me that the chances are that I can systematize it and do it to make all the money in the World. Well, I'm working on the completion of such a systematization. Now I have to come up with money. Money has been a problem. If I can make 10 million, I can make 500 billion, and if I can make 500 billion, I can do I.W.M. I haven't made any money yet, really. I've made like 25 dollars.

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