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Early morning

My secret weapon works well. It costs 5 cents for a cup of coffee. 5-hour energy costs 2 dollars per serving. This caffeine is getting expensive. I guess I'll buy 5-hour energy now as opposed to Redbull. Redbull doesn't work very well anymore. Have a 5-hour energy and then drink a cup of coffee.

But yeah, I woke up at 7:30 am and I feel full of energy. Definitely worth the 4 bucks. Ha! That was a secret weapon. Now I wake up right away! Absolutely brilliant. I've been saving 5-hour energy for over 15 years. I had help. The last thing I needed when I was 25 was another habit or addiction. So I decided to save it for later. Well, my Dad gave me the money for it, and I'll be able to continue to afford it because I have a good-paying job. 18.50 isn't very bad at all. You want to make 30-40-50 typically, but I'm not working enough to land that job. Need to be career-oriented. I am worth about 18 bucks an hour. I'm starting to work, I'm perfectly capable, and I need the money. I'm a prospective employee.

I know I'm really going to have to work hard. This is work, it's serious business. You work so that you can eat. I haven't become rich yet. I needed to do certain things before I did. Like remedy the pain, or manage my money. Money isn't always a good thing. If you have chronic pain and you have money, you may never get cured. I got cured by a long-lasting treatment, and it was because of the resources the United States government gave to me. Medicaid, for example. Free medical treatment. Well, because of the way the World is, they funneled me into success. If I had a bunch of money, god knows what would have happened. But yeah, a job isn't unreasonable. This is taking a bit longer than expected. It's technically been 12 years in 4 months. I've covered a lot of ground. I have taken care of a lot. This has been speedy. I mean 3 years to rest? I spent that time with my dying father. He's on his deathbed right now and will most likely continue until a miracle happens, or he dies. But yeah, those 3 years were a riot. My Dad and I had so much fun. But do the time differently and it's only been 7 or 8 years.

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