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Done visiting my Dad.

That took about 2 hours, as I said. I was only there for 40 minutes, but my Dad boiled my noodle. I was trying to talk with him, but everything was jibberish. So I decided to leave and come back when he's feeling better. Kind of felt bad. My Dad thought I was taking him home, I had to get a nurse. Otherwise, I felt bad because I left early. If my Dad is just that way now, hopefully, I realize that soon. Just yesterday, we were talking. Today it sounded like he was making a distinct raspberry. Raspberries are when kids blow on their lips and make a moist mist of spit. But yeah, I'll have to stay tuned. I don't know how long my Dad will be around. It's looking grim, he's progressing exponentially.

A spirit that claims to be God says my Dad will be "healed of his dementia" in around one exact year. He's so far gone he will have come back from the dead. It will be a miracle. That's what this spirit that claims he's God says. I basically don't even want to listen to the shit, period. But I have to give room to God. God started talking with me because I wanted him to. It does really help. This spirit is acting a lot like God. I mean, if I get pushy with the spirit and I hear the Devil, God may have delivered me over to the devil for a moment for my disbelief. I can hear demons any time I want to. If I just stop and be quiet, I'll hear the Devil. Well, okay, I pushed the God-spirit, and then the Devil came. This is very rational. This may be God. If my Dad isn't healed, I'm not listening to this spirit anymore. God would never lie. I was talking to a spirit that claimed to be Jesus, and he was always lying, swearing, cursing, etc. That wasn't Jesus. He had miraculous powers, however. How he was deceiving me in the first place. Well, from that demon to this new spirit, this new spirit is honest. That's why he has to heal my Dad. He said it and now he does it or else it isn't God.

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